African Stick Fighting

Zulu Fighting Sticks (Izinduku)

Zulu Stick Fighting provides an opportunity to build courage and skills among young people and distinguish themselves as proficient fighters and earn respect in the community.  Additionally, students will follow a code of conduct as stick fighters.

Sparring with Sticks (Ukungcweka)

The practice of sparing with sticks is called ukungcweka and it differs from a stick challenge
The intricate skills of stick fighting and sparring are learned by observation, imitation, and experience. Young males are trained by qualified instructors in the art by standing on their knees and sparring with the child. There are strict rules governing sparring exercises. Females are also provided the opportunity to learn the art of Fighting Sticks.
The children that learn the art of Izinduku will be able to perform at First Fruit Festivals, Kwanzaa, Libation Ceremony, Social gatherings, Wedding Ceremony (Umshado) and the Annual Caribbean Afr’am Festival.