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Build Children Instead of Repairing Men and Women

SBRCA mission is to provide sustainable and measurable educational and musical programs dedicated to the preservation of the cultural richness of the Africans within the Diaspora, West Indies and Africans abroad.The programs are geared towards reducing negative influences and teaching youth to take responsibility for their actions.


Uplift and strengthen the minds of our youth and young adults through programs and activities with emphasis on Unity, Self Determination, Collective Works and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith. In so doiing we will Break the chain of Hate, by providing a variety of ways to inspire tolerance, appreciation, and understanding of other cultures. Provide opportunities for social interaction, establishing relationships with families via working hand-in-hand with community leaders, social services and other community agencies.


To Your Own Self Be True!

Our Goal is to: promote cultural exchange, youth outreach, Cultural-tourism and trade missions.