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Songhai Bamboo Roots Cultural Association (SBRCA), a nonprofit charitable organization, was formed October 2003, exclusively for promoting the rich culture of African Americans in the Diasporas, West Indies, and Africans Abroad.

We have a core belief that we should “build children” instead of repairing Men and Women. Our Vision¬† is to: Uplift and strengthen the minds of our youth and young adults through programs and activities with emphasis on Unity, Self Determination, Collective Works and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith.

The governing body has established a platform for social interaction, in terms of presenting cultural and socio-economic opportunities to consider between African Americans in the Diasporas, West Indies, and African abroad.

Our Goal is to: promote cultural exchange, youth outreach, Collective Works and Cooperative Economics.

Establish relationships with families via working hand-in-hand with community leaders, social services, and other community agencies.