Songhai Bamboo Roots Scholarship Program

Calendar Year 2016 - 2017

The purpose of the program is to provide freshman year college scholarships to high school graduating students who (a) who are related to active members, or deceased members of Songhai Bamboo Roots Association. (b) Volunteer for Organization themselves and or donated to the organization. This program is consistent with Songhai Bamboo Roots objectives of community involvement.



Eligibility for Songhai Bamboo Roots Association scholarship is outlined in the PERSONAL ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA and STUDENT ACADEMIC CRITERIA section below. Once eligibility is met, five factors listed on the Application for Scholarship form are scored to determine the ranking for scholarship awards.

The five factors are:
a. Scholastic Honors & Other Recognition Received
b. School Activity Participation
c. Outside Activities, Hobbies, and Special Talent
d. Essay-
e. Letters of Recommendations

The complete Application for Scholarship form with the requested information must be received by email or postmarked no later than March 31, 2014, the application deadline. Email the application and attachments to


The following eligibility criteria must be met on January 1, 2017:
a. Applicants must be permanent U.S. residents, and be less than 21 years of age.
b. Applicants must be natural, legally adopted children or custodial stepchildren of active member or deceased member of Songhai Bamboo Roots Association.
c. One of the parents of the applicant must have at least twelve consecutive months of membership. For a deceased parent, the twelve- months must have been met at the time of death.
d. If applying on their own behalf, the applicant must have twelve consecutive months of participating in one of the organization programs and in good standings.


Student must:
a. Be in their senior year of high school and scheduled to graduate in the calendar year 2017.
b. Have a score of at least 1,750 on the SAT or 25 on the ACT.
c. Plan on attending an accredited college, university or one of the US military academies for undergraduate studies in the calendar year 2014. Songhai Bamboo Roots Scholarships are not awarded in non-academic and certificate programs.

Scholarships amounts can be used to offset costs, for academic, related expenditures only. Such expenditures include tuition, fees, books, computers, and software, and other expenses. The money cannot be used for personal expenses, housing, or transportation. Any balance left at the end of the term may be carried over and used to offset similar expenses during subsequent terms.

The Scholarship Committee consists of three members who are responsible for:
a. Publicizing the availability of the scholarship through the Organization Newsletter, and other media.
b. Administering the scholarship program by processing all applications, and identifying those which are eligible or ineligible.
c. Evaluation and scoring the applications.
d. Making award recommendation to the Board of Directors.
e. Announcing scholarship awardees in the Newsletter, Caribbean AFRAM Festival and other media.


You may obtain an application by clicking here or send a written request to the Scholarship Committee.  711 Alexander Street Killeen, Texas 76541. You can also send an email request to The application submission period begins 1 January 2017 and end 31 March 2017.
Complete applications with required documentation must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee no later than 31 March 2017, (the application deadline). The eligibility of each applicant will be reviewed and validated. It is the responsibility of each applicant to assure all required information is received by the Scholarship Committee before the end of the application period.


As they are received, applications and corresponding documentation are reviewed for eligibility.
Each eligible applicant’s file is forwarded to the Scholarship Committee members. The members score application IAW the factors outlined in paragraph 2. Awards are made from highest to lowest scores until the number of boarded approved awards is met.


Scholarship awards for 2017 will be announced at the Annual Caribbean AFRAM Festival.. Student profile and other scholarship information will be feature in promotional material.
By making application, the applicant allows Songhai Bamboo Roots Association the use of His/her photo, biographic and application information in publication designed to promote Songhai Bamboo Roots Scholarship Programs. If an applicant in under 18, permission from the parent or guardian of the applicant allowing the use of information to be publicized. All submitted materials sent to Songhai Bamboo Roots become the property of SBRCA and will not be returned




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